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Admirers List Help

The admirers section of the site allows you to see how many of our members have viewed your profile.
The main table acts as a control panel that provides you with the option to send massages, block and delete admirers as well adding your admirers to your buddy list.

Example List

  name views profile msg buddy delete block
Admirer1 6 view profile send a message add to buddy list delete this user add this user to your block list

send mail The ‘Photos Column’ indicates whether your admirer currently has a photo uploaded on our system. If the admirer has a photo you will notice a small photo icon to the left of the admirers’ name.

Admirer1 The ‘Name Column’ displays the ID’s of the member(s) that have recently viewed your profile. Each time you view another member’s profile, you will be added to this list.

6 The ‘Views Column’ displays the number of times each member has viewed your profile. This is handy when determining how much interest a certain member has shown in you.

view profile The ‘Profile Column’ provides you with a link to each member’s profile information. Here you can learn more about the members that have shown interest in you.

send message The ‘Send Message Icon’ allows you to send a message (via our system) to each user in your admirers list. To contact a member simply click on the envelope icon in the row next to their name.

delete From time to time you may wish to clean up your admirers list and delete any unwanted admirers you may have. In order to do this, simply click on the red waste paper basket next to the member you wish to remove.

block user In the event that you receive any unwanted attention from a member, you can block their messages so that they don’t bother you any longer.

To do this simply click on the red circle next to the user you wish to block.

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