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Block List Help

The Block List enables you to prevent certain members from contacting you via the internal messaging system.

Example Block List

  Member1  send mail   show profile   remove user 

Member1 The ‘Name Column’ displays the ID’s of the member(s) that added to your block list.
Each time you add a member to your block list; their name will appear in this column.

send mail The ‘Send Message Icon’ when clicked takes you to the internal messaging page from where you can contact the member that the icon was next to.

view profile The ‘View Profile Icon’ provides you with a link to each member’s profile information.
Here you can learn more about the members that you have blocked should you wish to do so.

view profile The ‘Delete icon’ allows you to remove selected members from your block list.

In order to block a member, simply type their username into the text box that is situated below the block list and click on the block button.
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