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Instant Messenger Help

Here are some frequently asked questions about’s instant messaging client.

How do I install the messenger program?

The instant messenger and chat program can be located HERE, along with instructions and compatibility.

I get an error message when logging in!

First of all try to log out and then back in again. If that fails, there are three common reasons for log in failures:- First of all make sure you have typed your username and password correctly. The second reason is that you must be a full member to use our messenger/chatroom. Lastly make sure you’re not behind a firewall – contact your network administrator for details.

What’s my username and password?

To log in simply use the same username and password which you use to log into this site.
When I log in, I get a message saying ‘jabberwocky is online’?
Jabberwocky is automatic system user that keeps a log of messages sent via our messenger. This helps us deal with any problems you have or any complaints you may make about specific users you have contacted via here.

How do I message people?

Click on the blue plus icon on the right and type in their username. You can also sort your contacts into groups (if you wish). To message that person they must be using messenger too and must be online. Any messages sent to people who are offline, will be stored and available when they next log in.

How can I tell if my contacts are offline?

If a contact is online then the heart next to their name will be pink – if they’re offline that heart will be grey. If you click on the text next to the heart at the bottom of the messenger you can see the meanings of all the icons.

Can I view one of my contacts profiles from the messenger?

Yes! Right click on the contacts name then go to view profile.

Someone is annoying me, how do I block this person from contacting me?

If this person is listed on your contacts, simply right click on this user and select the ‘block’ option.
If this person isn’t on your list, wait for them to send you a message, a window will appear, click on ‘actions’ in the top right hand corner and select the ‘block contact’ option.

What does Pending mean?

In order to add a member to your messenger Friends list, you must first gain their permission. When you add the member to your messenger client the member’s name will be displayed in your friends list. The name will however, have the pending next to it until they have authorised your request to add them to your friends list.

You cannot send messages to members until they have authorised your request.

As soon as your request has been authorised the (pending) message will disappear. At this point you will be able to send messages to this user. You will also appear in their friends list.

How do I uninstall messenger?

Open your control panel, open ‘Add/Remove Programs’ then find messenger on the list – and click on remove. It will then talk you through the removal of our messenger.

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