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Photo Help

A brief selection of the most frequently asked questions.

Photos How do I upload my photo?

Simply go to ‘edit photos‘ then click the browse box. Locate the photo on your hard drive then click upload. Your photo should appear on the screen.

Photos What format should my photo be?

Ideally your photo would be a JPEG or GIF file, but we can convert your photo from many different formats. But we strongly recommend you convert your photos to jpeg format before uploading them as this makes them smaller so its quicker for you.

Photos I’ve uploaded my photo but it’s not showing on my profile page..

Check on your ‘edit photos’ page, if the picture is showing on there then the photo is due to be checked. As soon as it has been checked by one of our administrators it will go live on the system.

Photos I’m trying to set my photo as the default one, but it won’t let me..

In general, any photo that doesn’t show what you look like will not be allowed as default. This also applies to photos that have more than one person in them or photos that are of a poor quality.

Photos Some photos are showing censored even after upgrading my account..

This can happen in rare instances where your browser isn’t configured correctly and you never click the log out button when you have finished.
To correct this, simply click the ‘logout’ button and log back into your account, or alternatively change your internet explorer cache settings to ‘automatic’.

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